"This is the gist of all worship to be pure and to do good to others."

                                                                                             Swami Vivekananda.

Vandavasi Sambuvayar Educational and Charitable Trust was established in the year 1998. The objective of this trust is as follows:

  1. To promote general, Commercial, Science and Technical education amongst the poor and deserving end for the purpose run, maintain, manage own charitable educational institutions, irrespective of caste, religion, sex, etc.,

  2. To improve and Develop the said Educational Institutions.

  3. To establish, taken over own and / or manage other Educational Institutions such as Elementary schools, Secondary schools, Training schools, High School, Higher Secondary schools, Colleges, Industrial Research and Technical Institutes including work and other art, craft and science schools and establishing and maintaining hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutions for the welfare and uplift of the general public.

  4. To give scholarship, prizes, schools and college fees, book and gift stationery and other article necessary for the proper execution of their studies.

  5. To establish and manage Libraries, Hospitals, Reading rooms, dormitories, recreation centers and all other facilities as are calculated to be or use in imparting education to the public and for proper running of Educational Institutions

  6. To undertake and promote fundamental and educational research work in all subjects, including publications for the purpose thereof.

  7. To procure gifts or medicines, clothing, equipments and floor stuffs and apply for the grants and aids cash or in kind from various agencies and Government Departments.

  8. To award grants, scholarships, Fellowships and similar financial assistance or encouragement for the advancement or research in educational field.

  9. Advancement of any other objects of General Public Utility and the Trust shall not carry any business or  any activity with the intention  of earning profit.

  10. To do all such other lawful acts as are not contradictory to the above aims and those which are incidental or conductive to and in furtherance to the attainment of the  above subjects.