Future Vision



"Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached."

                                                                                             Swami Vivekananda.

Under the local authorities, the key-defining feature that unites schools is, quite simply, geography. What I believe is unique to the academy movement is the ability for schools to join together on the grounds of common values and core principles.

Our Trustees have been working on this throughout the summer and have developed a new vision for the Trust; and academic excellence is at the core of this. The word academic is one that people in education sometimes shy away from. There is the suggestion that it is either rooted in Higher Education, is old-fashioned or even elitist.

For us, academic achievement is not simply the result of outstanding lessons, but the outcome of strong partnerships and inspirational enrichment opportunities, strong pastoral care, application from our students and dedicated staff.  This is the platform every child needs to fully explore and develop fully their talents and potential.

These elements are at the heart of our new vision for the Trust.

A vision is nothing without a means of getting there, so to deliver this we will soon be launching a new programme to support our relentless focus on improvement; Stepping Up Standards. The following are the future vision of our trust.

  • Tree Planting.

  • Free Courses on Maths, Physics and Chemistry for all over the students in the district and other districts.

  • More Scholarship will be given to poor students.

  • To improve the communication skills of the students, we will arrange spoken English and soft skill training program.

  • So everyone in the Trust will be scrutinizing attendance data and looking where best practice can be amplified and learning shared. This is a drive that can not come from one person, it has come from all staff, parents and students.

Tree Planting

Interactive Courses

Spoken English

Soft Skill Training